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90% of all customers who have ordered through online portals are your customers. These customers are mostly technically savvy, quality people with a high level of education. For this reason, it is more suitable for them to place an order from internet. So that your company does not have its own website and they use these online portals to place an order. Although these people are your customers, so you need to spend hundreds of pounds for each order from these portals every month.

Why do you make free advertising for these sites and in addition give them 10% commission? Create your own website. Make your own advertising. You can save hundreds of pounds each month. Increase your profits and your order volumes. FoodX covers all your needs, and demanded money from you only once. After a few months, you can get this amount back from your online store and after that you can make a profit.

By using this system it is possible that you save on the staff of one or two or the rent of your business. It's all in your hands. If you look at the benefits of FoodX, you will see that there are several of them to apply this system.
Why FoodX?
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